Is CeraVe Cruelty Free? An In-Depth Analysis

Is CeraVe Cruelty Free? An In-Depth Analysis

Are you looking for a brand of beauty products that has not been tested on animals? Is CeraVe Cruelty Free? An In-Depth Analysis!

We live in a world where animal testing is still a major issue. More and more people are making the conscious decision to purchase only vegan and cruelty-free products. The skincare industry is no exception, with many vegan and cruelty-free options becoming available on the market.

CeraVe has become one of the leading brands in the drugstore market due to its commitment to quality formulas that don’t break the bank. But it’s not just their formulas that make them unique; CeraVe holds itself to high standards when it comes to animal testing and ethical production methods. So, is this widely popular brand really cruelty-free? This article will answer all questions concerning CeraVe’s animal policy so you can determine if this skincare line fits into your lifestyle.

About CeraVe

CeraVe is free of parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, and formaldehyde. All products have rich spponability anf are non-comedogenic. The brand suggests checking ingredient lists to make sure your skin care routine doesn’t include anything that may cause irritation as well as preventing use in conjunction with prescriptions concerning topical steroid applications. Cerave HYDRATING FACIAL BODY CREAM – Use morning and night for dermatological data comparison showed a 25% increase from baseline in moisturized feel compared to placebo so you know the ingredients are good for your skin!

CeraVe bases its formulations on dermatology and “proximately”. It takes care of skin from ‘in’ & ‘on’ through ceramides, hyaluronic acid and essential fatty acids. The brand emphasizes that making sure the active ingredients work in skincare products is complicated like engineering but different. CeraVe has one rule while they design new skincare to keep it as simple as it gets.

CeraVe maintains high standards for clinical products, which is regularly tested on ingredients, formulation, and finished products as a whole. This allows the brand to achieve maximum safety assurance before any new product goes on sale in first-world countries and thereafter be exported in select markets worldwide including Australia, New Zealand and more. As per L’Oréal – The Company behind CeraVe – they will never test/research anything that harms animals; hence all future research activity carried out with the help of animal must also have equally effective alternatives to replace it.

CeraVe products are chemical-free and natural, do not cause harm. They have a long history of customer satisfaction by offering great results and gentle formulations that fit 100% your skin’s needs. It allows you to address the issues habitually without causing the risk to develop any irritation or side effects in future.

  • Does CeraVe test their products on animals?

CeraVe does not test their products on animals. They are committed to no animal testing, and rigorously adhere to a strict non-animal testing policy as well as all applicable regulations in the countries where their products are sold. They only use ingredients determined to be safe for human use and employ state-of-the art alternative methods such as computer models and laser scanning evaluations. In addition, they partner with leading organizations to ensure safety standards are met including the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Safe cosmetics Australia.

  • Is it true that CeraVe uses animal testing in certain countries?

No, CeraVe does not use animal testing in any country. They only engage in tests that reveal the safety and effectiveness of their products which are conducted on human volunteers or done through non-animal research methods such as computer simulations and cell cultures. Their stance is firmly against any kind of animal testing and they abide by an ethical policy to refuse to use animal testing.

  • Are all ingredients used to make CeraVe non cruelty-free?

No, not all ingredients used to make CeraVe products are cruelty-free. CeraVe is committed to transparency and their parent company L’Oréal has pledged to be 100% PETA certified cruelty-free by 2020. Some of the key raw materials used in CeraVe products such as emulsifiers, surfactants and humectants may still be tested on animals due to laws and regulations related to safety assessment in certain countries. To ensure that each product meets with EU standards, L’Oreal proactively reviews the safety records of their principal suppliers and assess the quality of each ingredient prior to use in production.

  • Does CeraVe use any other methods besides animal testing to assess the safety of its products?

Yes, CeraVe uses both in-vitro and ex-vitro testing to assess the safety of its products. In addition to animal testing, CeraVe also utilizes several computer models that simulate how the product interacts with human skin in a laboratory setting. These models allow for a more detailed understanding of potential risks and adverse reactions before bringing a new product to market. CeraVe is committed to using the most up-to-date scientific methods to ensure the safety of their products for consumers.

  • Does CeraVe ever fund animal testing performed by other companies within the skincare industry?

    CeraVe does not fund, conduct or commission any animal testing anywhere in the world. The company supports and complies with the regulations set forth by organizations like the Humane Society International that is strongly opposed to animal testing within the skincare industry. CeraVe will only accept finished products from suppliers who agree to never test on animals during production. Furthermore, CeraVe is 100% cruelty free and has never been involved in any form of testing involving animals outside of their own headquarters in the United States.

  • is Cerave vegan?

    Although CeraVe is not marketed as a vegan product line, the majority of their products do not contain animal-derived ingredients. Certain CeraVe products do contain honey, which makes them non-vegan. However, most of the products are suitable for vegans, and they use a combination of essential ceramides and neutralizing agents to provide long-lasting hydration without animal products or derivatives.

  • How do you determine that brands like Cerave are not cruelty-free?

Most companies don’t disclose all of their animal experimentation regulations in public. We ask brands directly for their comprehensive policies by contacting them directly with our inquiries.

Cerave is Cruelty-Free Certified

Cerave has been certified by PETA as a Cruelty-Free company and all its products are cruelty-free according to the international standards. This means that no animal testing has been done or commissioned in their product development process. The company’s commitment also extends to their responsibilities as manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors so they abide by all regulations concerning animal testing in nations where they sell their products.

The Brand Does Not Test on Animals or Use Animal Derived Ingredients

Cerave’s products are formulated without any animal derived ingredients such as lanolin or beeswax, ensuring that no animal sources were used in the production process at any stage. Moreover, the company does not test on animals nor do they permit third parties to do so either. They also don’t market any products in China where all companies must submit newly developed cosmetics to the country’s FDA for mandatory animal testing before being sold within its shores.

The Brand Supports Charities That Fund Alternatives To Animal Testing

In addition to offering vegan and cruelty-free certified products, Cerave also supports charities such as PETA which focuses on funding alternatives to traditional animal testing methods for product safety evaluation through research initiatives.


All in all, selecting a brand which does not test on animals should be an easy decision for anyone who empathizes with animals or didn’t find any benefit from using those kinds of products anyway. By choosing a brand like Cerave which carries multiple accreditations from several organizations certifying their cruelty free status, you can be sure your money goes towards supporting companies with values aligned with yours while benefiting your skin overall!

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