Is Elf Cruelty-Free? Update (2023)

Is Elf Cruelty-Free? e.l.f. Beauty Inc. is a corporation that sells cosmetics and has its headquarters in the United States.

Through its retail locations as well as its e-commerce platforms, the firm provides a variety of cosmetic tools and accessories for female customers.

Is Elf Cruelty-Free

These products include eyeliner, mascara, fake eyelashes, lipstick, face foundation, moisturizer, cleanser, and other implements. e.l.f. Cosmetics, W3LL PEOPLE, and Keys Soulcare are the names of three different brands that are used by the corporation to promote the items that it offers.

It conducts sales both within the United States and worldwide, although the majority of its income comes from sales conducted within the United States. But is Elf a cruelty-free brand or do they test on animals?

ELF Animal Testing Policy

ELF’s animal testing policy can be found in the FAQ section of their website. Here is what it says:

“We do NOT test on animals or endorse such practices. Our products do not contain animal-derived ingredients. Beeswax has been replaced by synthetic beeswax and lanolin has been replaced by Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladinpale-2. We currently support HSUS and are partners with PETA in the Caring Consumer Project.”

ELF Animal Testing Policy

This response was vague and so I emailed the company for clarification on their animal testing policy. I asked the following questions:

  • Do you test on animals at any point during the production of your products?
  • Are your ingredients tested on animals by your suppliers?
  • Does any third-party test on animals on your behalf?
  • Do you test on animals when required by law?

Elf emailed me with the following response:

“Thank you for your support and interest in e.l.f. cosmetics. At e.l.f. Cosmetics, we believe that beauty comes from within all of us. Our line of luxurious cosmetics captures great looking skin with gorgeous colors and quality ingredients.

Our products are designed to let your inner beauty shine through. You can find all e.l.f. ingredients indicated on the packaging of our products as well as on our website.

All ingredients used in e.l.f. cosmetics are vegan-friendly, safe and meet F.D.A requirements. Ingredients are listed on our website as well as on the packaging of our products.

We are proud to say that we do not test on animals or endorse such practices. We currently support PETA and collaborate with PETA in the Caring Consumer Project.

All of our high-quality brushes are now made with 100% synthetic, cruelty-free fibers and are vegan-friendly. As you may expect, it is possible that some old brushes remain in the market.

We believe these to be extremely limited in number. We are very proud that all of our high-quality brushes are now made with 100% synthetic, cruelty-free fibers and are vegan-friendly.”

To me, this felt like a canned response and it still did not address my questions. So I reached out again and asked for simple ‘yes or no’ answers to my previous questions.

ELF answered no to all of my questions.

Does ELF Cosmetics Test on Animals?

No, ELF does not test on animals. After emailing back and forth, they were able to answer all of my questions with no. Leaving no doubt that ELF does not test on animals and is cruelty-free.

Is ELF Certified Cruelty-Free?

Yes, ELF is a certified cruelty-free by PETA.

Is ELF Certified Cruelty-Free

Is ELF Sold in China?

No, ELF is not sold in China.

Is ELF Made in China?

Yes, During my research, I found out that Elf Cosmetics are made in China. Here’s an excerpt from their latest annual report.

“Our manufacturing process centers on a close collaboration with a network of third-party manufactures in China and more recently the United States.”

I’m sure you’re wondering how Elf can be a cruelty-free brand but made in a country known for its animal testing policy. Well in China cosmetics are divided into two categories: special use and non-special use.

Non-special use cosmetics include hair care, nail care, skincare, perfumes, and makeup.

The Chinese government does not require animal testing for non-special use products that are manufactured in China.

However, they do require testing on non-special use products that are made outside of China before they can be put on the Chinese market. Which is why many brands lose their cruelty-free status when expanding into China.

I hope all that makes sense!

Is ELF Owned by a Parent Company?

No, ELF is owned by itself under the name of ELF Beauty, Inc.

Is ELF Vegan?

Yes, ELF is a vegan makeup brand.

Wrap Up: Is Elf Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

Yes, ELF cosmetics is a cruelty-free and vegan makeup brand. They have confirmed that they:

  • Do not test any of their products or ingredients on animals
  • Don’t allow others to conduct animal testing on their behalf
  • Do not sell in China where animal testing is required

Therefore, ELF will be added to my list of cruelty-free brands

How do you determine whether brands not cruelty-free?

A lot of brands don’t disclose their full animal testing policy. First, we get in touch with them to get the complete information. If any firm says that they, their suppliers, or any third party test on animals, the company is marked as “not cruelty-free.”

Cruelty-Free Products

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