Is Kose Cruelty-Free? Update (2023)

Is Kose Cruelty-Free? – Kose is a Japanese cosmetics company that has a dominant presence in the Asian beauty market. In 2014, they expanded into America with the purchase of Tarte. But is Kose cruelty-free? Keep reading to get your answers.

Is Kose Cruelty Free

Kose Animal Testing Policy

Kose’s animal testing policy can be found in the ‘Society & Environment’ section of their website. Here is an excerpt:

With safety as a top priority, KOSÉ Group designs and develops cosmetic products (including quasi drugs) based on a policy for eliminating animal testing*.

We eliminate animal testing by utilizing the vast amount of safety data accumulated from our years of research and development activities. We’ve made our own safety standards and used different testing methods and clinical studies on people to make sure they are safe.

*Except for cases where accountability for safety is demanded socially or requested by governmental authorities/regulators.”

Kose Animal Testing Policy

Does Kose Test on Animals?

Yes, Kose does test on animals. They state that they use alternative testing methods but make an exception to satisfy a country’s health authorities. 

Is Kose Certified Cruelty-Free?

No, Kose is not certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, PETA, or Choose Cruelty-Free. 

In fact, Kose is listed on PETA’s list of brands to avoid.

Is Kose Certified Cruelty Free?

Is Kose Sold in China?

Yes, Kose is sold in China. Here are some pictures from their Chinese website.

What Companies Does Kose Own?

Below is a list of brands that are owned by Kose. I’ve indicated the ones that are sold in China and any certified cruelty-free brands. 

The choice is yours on whether to boycott some or all of Kose’s brands. But I would err on the side of caution for the brands that have no information.

  • Clear Turn
  • Carte Clinity
  • Elsia
  • Awake
  • Jill Stuart – SOLD IN CHINA
  • Nature & Co – SOLD IN CHINA
  • Formule
  • Je l’aime
  • Predia – SOLD IN CHINA
  • Esprique – SOLD IN CHINA
  • Lip Gel Magic
  • Stephen Knoll New York
  • Maihada
  • Feliscent
  • Sekkisei – SOLD IN CHINA
  • Addiction
  • Astaluxe
  • Grace One
  • Avenir – SOLD IN CHINA
  • Sekkisei Myv – SOLD IN CHINA
  • Suncut
  • SportsBeauty
  • Softymo
  • Nailholic
  • Recipeo – SOLD IN CHINA
  • Kokutousei
  • Phil Naturant
  • One by Kose
  • Paul Stuart
  • Lecheri
  • Junkisei – SOLD IN CHINA
  • Make Keep Mist
  • Infinity – SOLD IN CHINA
  • Visee
  • Fasio
  • Bioliss
  • Imprea
  • Decorté – SOLD IN CHINA

Wrap Up: Is Kose Cruelty-Free?

No, Kose is not a cruelty-free cosmetics brand. In their animal testing policy, they state they do not test on animals. However, Kose chooses to sell in China, a country that requires imported cosmetics to be tested on animals.

Therefore, Kose is not considered to be cruelty-free and will be added to my list of brands that test on animals

How do you determine whether brands not cruelty-free?

A lot of brands don’t disclose their full animal testing policy. First, we get in touch with them to get the complete information. If any firm says that they, their suppliers, or any third party test on animals, the company is marked as “not cruelty-free.”

Cruelty-Free Products

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